Great Customer Feedback Always Makes Us Smile

Hearing positive feedback from our Clients always cheers us up. Below was recent feedback from one of our Clients who uses multiple 3PL’s throughout Europe and asked for our help in educating their other sites on dealing with Amazon:

“Remember I asked about the time it takes you guys to label orders in amazon vendor for us? The problem is that we are having some issues figuring out a way to make it efficient in our European warehouses. From amazon performance reviews, you guys are the star in our labelling process. I would like to ask you if it is possible for you guys to let us know how you do it. At least some tips or description of how it is done there. Every warehouse received the same documents. Our other warehouses would like to know how you guys do it, if there is any magic to it, or if it really just comes to simple things.”

The answer to their question – dedicated and committed staff

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